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OnRamps was founded in 2011 to increase the number and diversity of students who engage in learning experiences aligned with the expectations of leading universities. To do this, OnRamps established and applies a four-pillar design—to meet college standards, implement innovative pedagogy, facilitate a technology-enhanced education, and diffuse aligned college experiences.

OnRamps facilitates a network of Texas students, teachers, districts, community partners and higher education institutions, offering:

  • high-quality courses for students to engage in authentic college experiences;
  • ongoing professional development and virtual supports for teachers to improve the quality of instruction; and
  • strategic partnerships that extend the reach and yield the greatest impact on postsecondary attainment, persistence and completion.

How Does OnRamps Work?

  • OnRamps students are enrolled in a yearlong high school course facilitated by an SRISD teacher who is trained and certified by OnRamps.
  • During the first half of the course, OnRamps students complete a series of required assignments that are designated by the Instructor of Record at the University of Texas to determine eligibility to be dually enrolled in the university course.
  • Students who successfully complete the high school version of the course receive credit from their campus. In addition, students who successfully complete the college course receive three Texas Common Core credits from the University, and students who successfully complete the fall and/or spring college course (in OnRamps English and OnRamps History) may receive three to six Texas Common Core credits from the University. *These credits are guaranteed to transfer to any public college or university in Texas.

Which OnRamps Courses are Available in FWISD?

  • History
  • College Algebra

[* Not all courses are part of every degree plan. Your college or university may apply Texas Common Core credits as electives if the class you take is not part of your degree plan.]

OnRamps courses cost varies by the course.  College Algebra is $150.00 and awards the student 3 credit hours.  US History is $300 and awards the student 6 credit hours.*  

{*student must complete both semesters in order to receive credit}