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AUP Policies and Procedures

Policies & Procedures


The District will maintain strict monitoring of all Technology Tools and further the District TECHNOLOGY GOALS:


1. To meet the challenge of preparing all students in Sam Rayburn ISD for a technologically challenging future by complying with Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills guidelines as set forth by the Texas Legislature. Technology Tools will be used to further student achievement in the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills. 

2. To better inform and utilize parents, community, and business leaders in the area of technology implementation. This goal includes an annual school board presentation on Strategic Technology Planning.

3. To allow technology to be implemented K-12 in a sequentially valid plan that apportions equipment from simple to complex through the grade levels (i.e. Kindergarten should not utilize equipment more advanced than the high school campus.) This policy will require reapportionment of equipment at reasonable and predictable intervals.

4. To allow students K-12 to become more and more responsible for the use, care, and maintenance of equipment as they mature through the grades. Elementary students will be taught basic care of input and output devices. Junior high students will learn the computer system components and proper care of each. High school students will be taught to be productive using both software and hardware.

5. To more profusely Integrate technology tools in the curriculum as students move through the grade levels. New technologies, new techniques, and new skills will accompany each grade level in a logical, sequential, technology-infused curriculum, including proper and ethical use of technology tools.

6. To provide all students the most effective, current and real-world technologies so that all students may gain valuable, relevant, ethical, and marketable skills.

7. To utilize technology in the district to meet instructional needs. Planning for technology will be driven by instructional objectives, student needs in achievement, and curricular and instructional strategies. Hardware will never drive the Technology Plan.

8. Interconnectivity is a priority of the Technology Plan. The ability to share resources, information, and ideas are one of the most important assets a school district can offer, second only to a nurturing, caring spirit.



Sam Rayburn ISD maintains the highest standards of ethical and acceptable use of all technology for educational purposes.

NOTE: Technology Tools will NOT be used to waste time, play erroneous games, surf the net when not engaged in TEKS-based learning, send unsolicited emails, text messages, or download unauthorized files.

To accomplish these standards these guidelines will be followed:

All technology will be utilized for educational purposes.  

Faculty will be responsible for making sure that classroom substitute teachers are advised that computers will not be utilized by students unless specific written instructions have been left by the classroom teacher on proper/educational use of technology for a specific class period.

Failure to document use or failure to use technology for ethical and educational purposes will result in the reassignment or relocation of technology (microscopes, calculators, computers, video equipment, etc.) 



The following practices have been found to reduce maintenance costs. All district equipment will be used following these guidelines.


  • DO NOT: Turn on a computer without using a surge protector
  • DO NOT: Turn off computer while in Microsoft Windows
  • DO NOT: Keep computer on if it is covered -- the heat buildup is dangerous!
  • DO NOT: Save personal files on the hard drive -- use network folder to save your data files
  • DO NOT:  LOAD any program files in your computer's root directory. Contact a technology staff member before you attempt to load any software on your machine!
  • DO NOT: Load any shareware program including other software not purchased by the district.
  • DO NOT: Bump a computer or jar it, move it, tap on the table or bump the table it is sitting on while it is running. Keep hole punchers or machines with movable parts off the same table as your computer. Movement of your computer may cause hard drive failure.
  • DO NOT: Set other electronic equipment near your computer (phones, stereos, radios, coffee cup warmers, etc.)
  • DO NOT: Plug other electronic appliances into your surge protector. This causes small surges that eventually can damage your computer.
  • DO NOT: Unplug your computer while it is running. Use the surge protector switch to turn off your computer before you unplug the surge protector from the wall.
  • DO NOT Do not allow students to bring diskettes, thumb drives, CDs, DVDs, in and out of your classroom unless you wish to be responsible for virus scanning and screening the devices.
  • DO NOT:  Allow students to utilize the Internet while unattended!
  • DO NOT: Allow students to perform administrative tasks on your computer (i.e. add programs, delete programs, perform upgrades or maintenance, manipulate the settings in any way, or change screensavers or backgrounds, unless accompanied by a maintenance request form from Technology Department.)


·         DO: Use a surge protector on your computer system.  Keep your system on at all times, unless asked to turn it off by your technology assistant.

·         DO: Keep dust and liquids away from your computer

·         DO: Unplug your system during summer vacation or when at home, during electrical storms.

·         DO: Keep your mouse pad clean. This will lengthen the life of your mouse.

·         DO: Lock your computer when not attending it.


·         DO: Update your virus scanning software at least once a week.




Students in Sam Rayburn schools will properly utilize technologies. Proper use includes real-world problem-solving, independent and group productivity, research, communication, productivity, design, and synthesis of ideas, and/or simulation exploration, experimentation, assessment and evaluation processes.

All students will understand basic and complex system design, maintenance, and acceptable use policies.

All students will be required to follow ethical use and copyright laws. The infringement of these policies will result in restrictions or limited use of technology in Sam Rayburn ISD. Technology tools are provided by the district for appropriate educational objectives (i.e. games such as Solitaire, will not be played during school hours). Students utilizing technology for unauthorized purposes may be restricted from or lose privileges to district technologies.

Students will maintain equipment and report any equipment failure, damage or loss to their teacher. A student's failure to report important damage or loss may result in restricted use or loss of privileges to technologies. Since technology equipment is school property, student violation or abuse of this equipment will be subject to disciplinary action as defined in the District Discipline Management Plan.




Students will have access to Internet resources in each classroom in Sam Rayburn Schools for research, global projects, and Web site development. Filtering Internet content has been provided by the district but does not insure that children will be isolated from all inappropriate materials. Therefore, Sam Rayburn Schools maintain an acceptable use policy for the Internet which allows students to have access only in the presence of a facilitator or instructor. Internet research and usage will be highly structured, and criteria are driven.

The Sam Rayburn District Technology Committee invites parent and student participation in planning, training, and implementation. This committee meets regularly. You may bring your ideas, concerns, and suggestions to any committee meeting by contacting a campus technology coordinator. Recognizing the awesome power, the Internet has brought to American homes and schools, this committee strongly recommends the ISTE policies for home use of the Internet:

o    Internet use be provided in a high traffic area of the home only (i.e. we do not recommend that children have access to the Internet in a private area of the house --- like a bedroom). The Internet should be monitored at least as vigorously as parents monitor cable television. Internet access should be a collaboration with parental involvement.

o    Internet use should be provided only when a child is being monitored by a responsible adult

o    A time restriction should be placed on Internet use in the same way that television time should be restricted

o    Children should be instructed to never to give full name, address, phone number, or any other personal information to ANYONE for ANY reason over the Internet -- this includes information given to sites specifically designed for children, (i.e. Disney Web site, Hershey Web site, LOGO Web site, etc.).

o    Children should be taught to report any harassment or inappropriate site or contact immediately to both the Internet Service Provider (i.e. AOL or Tyler Internet) and to their guardian or parent.

o    Children should practice respect and Internet etiquette ("Netiquette") at all times while connected to the World Wide Web.

o    Any software downloaded from the Internet should be virus checked before the program is run

o    Children will not be allowed to bring software from home to school for any reason at any time. The Sam Rayburn Schools reserve the right to supply students with software for use at home, however, this software will not be allowed back into the district network without being inspected by a campus technology coordinator.

o    The Sam Rayburn Schools make computer check out available during certain times of the year. To check out a computer from the Sam Rayburn Schools, parents and students will have to attend campus training sessions. Please contact your campus technology coordinator for more details.

Students attending Sam Rayburn ISD will ethically utilize all media, resources, and equipment to enhance the educational goals of the state, district, and classroom while maintaining a respect for all classmates, instructors, and administrators.

Students and Parents will be required to sign a User Agreement for Access to the Sam Rayburn ISD network, Internet / World Wide Web before using these resources in the district. This agreement will be initiated by your child’s homeroom teacher or sponsor. Violation of these policies will result in appropriate disciplinary action.