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Superintendent's Message

Welcome to Rebel Territory! We are excited about the great things happening in Sam Rayburn ISD and invite you to join us on our journey. Please continue to visit our website to learn about our school district and access resources that will be helpful to you as students, staff, parents, or community members. One of our district goals is to ensure that communication is always a priority and we always welcome your feedback on how to continue to make Sam Rayburn an exemplary district.


For those of you new to SRISD, you will quickly realize we are a FAMILY! Together, we can achieve great things and focus on the individual needs of every child. In this era of “standardization,” we have never lost the fact that our students are more than merely numbers. Each one of our students matter to us, as each brings very unique strengths and abilities to our classrooms. Our goal is to challenge our students to reach levels of success, both inside and outside of the classroom, which they never realized was within their potential.

SRISD is known for caring staff that will go beyond the call of duty to meet the needs of our students. I encourage you to contact our staff closest to the issue anytime you are experiencing a challenge. They are willing to help and sometimes they cannot intervene unless they know there is a problem. Through all my years in education, I have never worked with a faculty/staff that are so willing to be problem-solvers and customer focused. We realize that students are the customers in our line of work!


As your Superintendent, I am blessed beyond belief. I look forward to everyday in Sam Rayburn ISD and could not be more proud to be a REBEL! My door is always open and if there is anything I can do to help your student’s educational experience be more successful, then please do not hesitate to contact me. I am amazed daily at the support provided our school district by our parents and community members.


Like any canoe race, it takes all of us rowing together, in synchronization, in the same direction. The sky is the limit as we continually set goals to achieve and never settle for less than excellence. We have the tools necessary, but must continue to have high expectations and focus on our vision for the future.


Personally, along with our SRISD family, I am looking forward to a great school year. I encourage you to support our students in their activities and let them know we are here to support them along the way. SRISD students make me beam with pride as they always represent us with class, manners, and sportsmanship. They deserve the best from us as well!


Thank you for your interest in Sam Rayburn ISD. As a visitor to our website, you are obviously an involved stakeholder and we love that you are interested in learning more about us. We invite you to become more involved and join our efforts in making sure our school district is meeting the needs of our learners. Together everyone achieves more (TEAM!)


Go Rebels and Lady Rebels!




Cole McClendon, Ed.D.