Bonham Public Library

As part of the Northeast Texas digital consortium, the Bonham Public Library has thousands of ebooks (fiction/non-fiction), digital audiobooks, and digital magazines that are downloadable through Overdrive. There is a Kids Collection and a Teen collection, as well as titles in Spanish in the digital collection.  They also have available through hoopla  ebooks, audiobooks, movies, music, comics, and TV shows that can be downloaded or streamed immediately.
If you already have a Bonham library card, you can access the digital collection at
Username:  [your library card number]
Password:  [your first initial+your last name]
If you need a Bonham Library card:
  1.  A parent, grandparent, or guardian MUST register online
  2. NOTE:  The government ID# will be your driver's license # or, if you don't have a driver's license, it will be your government ID#
  3. The parent, grandparent, or guardian will receive an e-mail with their library card #.
  4. That number will be their username for access.  I believe their password will be their first initial and last name together in lower case, but I'm sure that info will be included in their e-mail.
  5. This registration is available in English and in Spanish (lower part of page).
  6. BPL will be archiving the actual library cards and at some point in the future the people who registered will have to go pick them up.  That is a date that will be determined in the future.  Nothing for a person to worry about right now.
This should give students of all ages and parents access to thousands and thousands of books!!  
In fact, they will have access to everything that is on the BPL website.  Access to the Digital Collection Button on the home screen.  This will give you a drop-down menu where you can choose from the following:
  • More Digital Resources (Tumblebooks, Tumblemath, Teen Book Cloud, Audio Book Cloud)
  • OverDrive (30,300 titles--ebooks, audiobooks, videos) which is searchable by:
    •  Subject
    • Collection (Kids, Teens, or format)
    • Kindle Books (18,885 titles)
    • Kids
    • Teens
  • hoopla--digital ebooks, movies, and music
It's also highly recommended that FB users like the Bonham Public Library FB page.  This is where they share their updates and information and have storytime.
If you need help, contact BPL at:
Telephone:  903-583-3128
Extra Digital Resources From BPL
Tumblebook Library (K-6)
Username: tumble735
Password: books
Teen Book Cloud (7-12)
Username: tumble2020
Password: A3b5c6
Tumble Math (K-6)
Username: tumble2020
Password: A3b5c6
Audio Book Cloud (all ages)
Username: tumble2020
Password: A3b5c6