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SR Elementary Grading Policy for Home Instruction


SR Elementary Grading Policy for Home Instruction


For Sam Rayburn ISD students, at home instruction began on March 17th due to the widespread pandemic of COVID-19.  SRISD personnel have worked diligently, while dedicating long hours to provide meaningful instruction for our students during this challenging time.  We would like to send a sincere thank you to the parents and families that are partnering with us to ensure each student is provided the materials needed to be successful.  The Texas Education Agency still expects school districts to monitor progress and to prepare students for promotion to the next grade level.  SRISD is striving to assist in accomplishing this goal for each individual student.  Due to the drastic changes in the delivery of instruction, adjustments to our typical grading practices have been implemented.  All adjustments are designed to benefit and support students as they transition to a new format of learning.  

  • Grades will be entered in our online gradebook and can be checked through Parent Portal.  Grade times may lag with students completing paper copies to accommodate for turn in and grading time. 
  • Teachers will award two to three grades for assignments given per week.  
  • There will only be daily grades recorded during home instruction. There will be no test grades given. 
  • The due date for weekly assignments both paper and online is Tuesday at 6:00pm.  Paper packets are to be returned each Tuesday to the designated tote.  Work will be accepted at any point after the due date, but it will only receive a max score of 85.
  • Teachers will drop the lowest weekly grade for each subject during home instruction.  We realize this can be a tough time for families in our community, so we hope this provides a little relief if a student is unable to complete an assignment for one week.
  • If we resume school face-to-face on May 4th and a student did not complete work during the closure, he or she may still complete the weekly assignments for a max grade of 85 to obtain a passing score for the semester.
  • If we do not resume school face-to-face this semester, students will receive a pass or fail for the semester based upon the daily assignments returned either online or paper packets.  If 70% or more of the work is returned the students will receive the status of pass and promotion to the next grade level. 
  • If a student fails for the semester, Sam Rayburn ISD plans to offer a face-to-face summer school once the closure is lifted for students to complete the weekly assignments and regain passing status for promotion to the next grade level. We hope this is not needed, however, will be mandatory if a student receives a failing status after May 22nd, which is the closing of the school year. For that reason, we will do everything in our power to help students complete weekly assignments.  If any assistance is needed, please do not hesitate to contact your campus principal or child’s teacher if there are circumstances preventing the student from completing assigned work.

The grading guidelines described in this document are what best serves our Sam Rayburn Elementary student body at this time.  As you all know, the challenges presented by the COVID-19 virus are constantly changing.  Therefore, these grading guidelines may also change if there is a better way to meet the needs of our students and community.  This is a very difficult time, and we are trying to navigate through this crisis in a way that best benefits the students and families of the Sam Rayburn community.  Stay healthy and please contact us if we can assist you in anyway during this time. 


Stephanie Laisy

Elementary Principal