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SRISD Back to School FAQs

SRISD Back to School FAQs

1.What is the district’s plan if a child/staff member tests positive COVID-19 or is exposed to COVID-19?

 Any individuals who themselves either: 

    • are lab-confirmed to have COVID-19; or 
    • experience the symptoms of COVID-19 must stay at home throughout the infection period, and cannot return to campus until the school system screens the individual to determine any of the below conditions for campus re-entry have been met:


1.  In the case of an individual who was diagnosed with COVID-19, the individual may return to school when all three of the following criteria are met: 
    •  at least one day (24 hours) has passed since recovery (resolution of fever without the use of fever-reducing medications); 
    •  the individual has improvement in symptoms (e.g., cough, shortness of breath); and 
    •  at least ten days have passed since symptoms first appeared. 


  1. In the case of an individual who has symptoms that could be COVID-19 and who is not evaluated by a medical professional or tested for COVID-19, such individual is assumed to have COVID-19, and the individual may not return to the campus until the individual has completed the same three-step set of criteria listed above. 


  1. If the individual has symptoms that could be COVID-19 and wants to return to school before completing the above stay at home period, the individual must either 
    • obtain a medical professional’s note clearing the individual for return based on an alternative diagnosis or 
    • obtain an acute infection test at an approved testing location that comes back negative for COVID-19.


  1. Schools must immediately separate any student who shows COVID-19 symptoms while at school until the student can be picked up by a parent or guardian.
  • Schools should clean the areas used by the individual who shows COVID-19 symptoms while at school (student, teacher, or staff) as soon as is feasible. 
  •  Students who report feeling feverish should be given an immediate temperature check to determine if they are symptomatic for COVID-19.


  1. Required Actions if Individuals with Lab-Confirmed Cases Have Been in a School: 
  •    If an individual who has been in a school is lab-confirmed to have COVID-19, the school must notify its local health department, in accordance with applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations, including confidentiality requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). 
  •    Schools must close off areas that are heavily used by the individual with the lab-confirmed case (student, teacher, or staff) until the non-porous surfaces in those areas can be disinfected unless more than seven days have already passed since that person was on campus. 
  •    Consistent with school notification requirements for other infectious diseases, and consistent with legal confidentiality requirements, schools must notify all teachers, staff, and families of all students in a school if a lab-confirmed COVID-19 case is identified among students, teachers or staff who participate on any on-campus activities. 


  1. How will P.E. classes follow safety precautions?
    • Students will wear face coverings unless they can appropriately social distance.
    • Students will have P.E. Outdoors whenever appropriate. 


  1. Will departmentalized classes change rooms? 
    • Yes


  1. How will sanitation be handled?
      • There will be additional cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces that are touched in common throughout the day, such as door handles, tables, desks, shared supplies, playground equipment.


  1. How will recess be handled?
    • Students will have recess with their grade level only, and high touch areas will be sanitized in between recesses. 


  1. Will Meet the Teacher Night be held?  Pep rallies?  Awards assemblies?
    • yes
    • A decision will be made after the first nine weeks regarding pep rallies and awards assemblies.


  1. Will there be anything separating desks? (sneeze guard, etc.)
    • In classrooms where students work in groups or are seated in a table setting, guards will be placed between students. All classrooms utilizing desks will spread out to maintain social distancing as best as possible. 


  1. What will be the desk spacing in classrooms?
    • Depending on the class size, desks will be separated as much as possible to allow for social distancing. 


  1. What is the protocol for shared computers in the classroom?
    • Students will be assigned to a specific computer for each class and will be responsible for cleaning their own computers before and after each use. 


  1. How will parents be held accountable for making sure they take children’s temperature and/or sending their child to school with symptoms?
    • Parents/guardians are expected to screen their children for COVID-19 symptoms each day prior to sending their students to school.
    • Teachers will monitor students and refer to the nurse if symptoms are present.


  1. How will parents be notified of potential exposure to COVID-19?
    • Parents will be notified of a lab-confirmed COVID-19 case through typical school communication, including Remind, School Messenger phone call, and a letter home.


  1. What is the protocol if a sibling test positive of a child in another grade level?
    • Please refer to question number 11.


  1. What is the district’s plan if we have a rise in cases in Fannin County? Will school close down from time to time to disinfect? 
    • The administration will monitor the number of COVID-19 active cases in Fannin county, and make decisions accordingly.


  1. If school closes, will remote learning pause at that time? 
    • If the decision is made to close school due to COVID-19, all students will receive remote instruction.


  1. How will grading look for remote instruction?
    • There will not be an altered grading policy during remote instruction.  Grading will follow standard guidelines.


  1. Will there be remote learning tutorials before beginning instruction?
    • Day 1 of remote instruction will be tutorials. 


  1. Will remote learners need school supplies?
    • Yes


  1. What are the hours of instruction for remote learners? Same as a school day?
    • There are no set hours.  There will be daily requirements for students to complete in each class.  However, it is strongly recommended that remote learners follow a schedule each day.
    • Teachers will only be available during their conference time and from 3:30-4:00 pm to interact with remote learners.


  1. Will HS students who wish to do remote learning be allowed to continue participating in UIL sanctioned sports? 
    • Yes


  1. I saw parents are not allowed to walk kids to the classrooms, will this be the case for the first week of school?
    • Yes


  1. Can parents send lunches from home?
    • Yes


  1. How are bathrooms being handled?  
    • Restrooms will be routinely sanitized by custodial staff during the school day.


  1. How will attendance be checked for remote learners?
    • Attendance will be measured on a daily basis for each class by demonstrating progress through either receiving instruction, turning in assignments, or direct communication with teachers.


  1. I know masks are mandatory for 4th and up.  Can we send them for our younger ones when social distancing is not possible?
    • Yes Face coverings/masks can be worn by Pre-K through third-grade students, but are not required.