Sam Rayburn ISD

9363 E FM 273

Ivanhoe, TX 75447

Phone: 903.664.2255

Fax: 903.664.2406 


Elementary School

Phone 903.664.2005

Fax 903.664.2202

High School

Phone 903.664.2165

Fax 903.664.2407


Dr. Cole McClendon 903.664.2255  Extn: 210
Administration/Superintendent Email Dr. Cole McClendon
Mrs. Patty Foreman 903.664.2255  Extn: 208
Administration / Superintendents Secretary Piems Clerk Email Mrs. Patty Foreman
Mr. Jim Shaw 9036642005  Extn: 202
Elementary Principal/Title 1 Email Mr. Jim Shaw
Mrs. Debbie Johnston 9036642005  Extn: 204
Elementary Administrative Secretary Email Mrs. Debbie Johnston
Mrs. Wendy J Keeton 903.664.2165  Extn: 217
High School Principal/Technology Director/District UIL Academic Coordinator / Email Mrs. Wendy Keeton
Mrs. Misty Stewart 903.664.2165  Extn: 216
Administration / High School Principal Secretary Email Mrs. Misty Stewart
Stephanie Cline 9036642005  Extn: 201
District Counselor Email Stephanie Cline
Ms. Kim Hopkins 903.664.2005  Extn: 200
District/Librarian Email Ms. Kim Hopkins
Mr. Phillip Mathis 903.664.2165  Extn: 252
Business and Technology Teacher / District Testing Coordinator Email Mr. Phillip Mathis
Mr. Bruce Mauppin 903.664.2165 x 278
District Athletic Director/HS Math/Head Baseball/ Email Mr. Bruce Mauppin
Mrs. Ashley Abbott 9036642005  Extn: 265
Elementary/5th & 6th grade Email Mrs. Ashley  Abbott
Mrs. Jodi Amlin 903.664.2005  Extn: 242
Elementary/5th & 6th Writing Email Mrs. Jodi Amlin
Mr. Jerod Bingham 903.664.2165  Extn: 225
High School/PE/Head Basketball Boys/Assistant Baseball Coach Email Mr. Jerod  Bingham
Mrs. Kim Bockman 903-664-2005
School Nurse Email Mrs. Kim Bockman
Mrs. Carlon Carpio 903.664.2005  Extn: 266
Elementary/5th & 6th Science Email Mrs. Carlon Carpio
Mr. Mario Carpio 903.664.2165  Extn: 255
Maintenance Email Mr. Mario Carpio
Mrs. Suzann Dickey 903.664.2165  Extn: 230
Elementary/2nd Grade Email Mrs. Suzann Dickey
Mrs. Lauron Goode 9036642005  Extn: 246
Elementary /3rd Grade Email Mrs. Lauron Goode
Mrs. Ashley Grose 903.664.2165  Extn: 238
Agriculture Email Mrs. Ashley Grose
Mr. David Guadiano 903.664.2165  Extn: 226
PE/Girls Basketball Email Mr. David Guadiano
Mrs. Amy Hall 903.664.2005  Extn: 267
Elementary/PreK Email Mrs. Amy Hall
Mrs. LaVonda Hilliard 903.664.2005  Extn: 237
Elementary/1st Grade Email Mrs. LaVonda Hilliard
Mr. William Hurst 903.664.2165  Extn: 221
High School / Science Email Mr. William Hurst
Mr. Darrin Jones 9036642165  Extn: 212
History/Athletics Email Mr. Darrin Jones
Mrs. Jennifer Jones 9036642165  Extn: 276
High School /Business/Technology Email Mrs. Jennifer Jones
Mrs. Kelly Kelton 903.664.2005
Elementary / PreK Aide Email Mrs. Kelly Kelton
Mrs. Lupe Kerr
Elementary / JH Custodian Email Mrs. Lupe Kerr
Ms. Jade Kirshman 903-664-2005  Extn: 232
Art Email Ms. Jade Kirshman
Ms. Sherron Kroger
Elementary / JH Custodian Email Ms. Sherron Kroger
Mrs. Cindy Kueckelhan 903-664-2005  Extn: 239
Elementary /Kindergarten Email Mrs. Cindy Kueckelhan
Mrs. Kara Mathis 903.664.2165  Extn: 213
High School/ Science/ JH Girls Basketball Email Mrs. Kara Mathis
Mrs. Kendra McCraw 9036642005  Extn: 217
Elementary /Kindergarten Email Mrs. Kendra McCraw
Mr. Clint Minnick 903.664.2165  Extn: 214
Agriculture Email Mr. Clint Minnick
Mrs. Billiegail Mussett 903.664.2005  Extn: 245
3rd & 4th Grade Email Mrs. Billiegail Mussett
Mrs. Mary Reynolds 9036642165  Extn: 224
HS/JH Resource Email Mrs. Mary Reynolds
Mrs. Melissa Rich 9036642165  Extn: 277
JH Math Email Mrs. Melissa Rich
Mrs. Debra Riemer 903.664.2165  Extn: 256
7th & 8th Language Arts Email Mrs. Debra Riemer
Mrs. Lisa Sanmann 9036642005  Extn: 236
Elementary /1st Grade Email Mrs. Lisa Sanmann
Mr. Daniel Schindler 9036644405
Maintenance Email Mr. Daniel Schindler
Mrs. Tammie Shaw 9036642005  Extn: 242
Elementary / 5th & 6th Writing Email Mrs. Tammie Shaw
Mrs. Kay Sluder 903.664.2005  Extn: 234
Elementary /3rd Math Email Mrs. Kay Sluder
Mrs. Cassidi Stroud 903.664.2005  Extn: 267
Elementary /2nd Grade Email Mrs. Cassidi Stroud
Mrs. Connie Thomas 903.664.2165  Extn: 273
High School / Math Email Mrs. Connie Thomas
Mrs. Sally Thornberry
High School /Custodian Email Mrs. Sally Thornberry
Mrs. Karen Tobias 903.664.2165  Extn: 281
High School/Spanish / Drama Email Mrs. Karen Tobias
Mr. Paul Wallace 9036644405
Transportation/Head Email Mr. Paul Wallace
Mrs. Becky Wilburn 9036642165  Extn: 247
JH Science Email Mrs. Becky Wilburn
Ms. Tammy Williams 9036642005  Extn: 254
Elementary /4th Writing Email Ms. Tammy Williams


It is the policy of Sam Rayburn ISD not to discriminate or engage in harassment on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age, disability, or any other legally protected status in its educational and vocational programs, services or activities or matters related to employment as required by Title VI and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended; Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972; Age Discrimination in Employment Act; Americans with Disabilities Act, as amended; and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended.