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Required Postings

School Documents

Internet Postings Required for Texas School Districts


District Contact Information (Tex. Loc. Gov't Code § 140.008(f)(2) and Texas Gov't Code § 2051.152)

District of Innovation Plan (Texas Education Code § 12A.005(a)(1) and 19 Administrative Code 102.1305(3) and 102.1307(a)(1))

Campus Report Card - Sam Rayburn Elementary (Texas Education Code § 39.362)

Campus Report Card - Rayburn High School (Texas Education Code § 39.362)

District Performance Report (Texas Education Code § 39.362)

District Accreditation Status (Texas Education Code § 39.362)

Definition of Accreditation Status (Texas Education Code § 39.362)

Texas Academic Performance Report (19 Administrative Code 61.1022(f)) and (Texas Education Code § 39.306(c)) 

SRISD Annual Federal Report Card (20 U.S. Code 6311 (h((2)B(iii))

State of Texas Annual Federal Report Card

Notice of School Board Meetings (Texas Government Code § 551.056)

Agendas and Minutes of School Board Meetings (Texas Government Code § 551.056 and Texas Government Code § 2051.152)

Conflicts Disclosure Statements  (Tex. Loc. Gov't Code § 176.009)

Conduct on School Premises (Texas Education Code § 37.105)

Title IX Information (34 C.F.R. §§ 106.8(b), .45(b)(10)(i)(D))

Title IX Training Materials (34 C.F.R. §§ 106.8(b), .45(b)(10)(i)(D))



Proposed Budget (2021-2022) (Texas Education Code § 44.0041(a)(1))

Proposed Budget (2020-2021) (Texas Education Code § 44.0041(a)(1))

Adopted Budget (2020-2021) (Texas Education Code § 44.0051)

Annual Local Debt Report Form (Texas Loc. Gov't Code § 140.008(d), (f)(1))

Annual Financial Report (2019-2020)

Annual Financial Report (2018-2019)

Annual Financial Report (2017-2018)

2020 Tax Rate Ordinance (Texas Tax Code § 26.18)



SRISD Guidelines for Students With Food Allergies At-Risk for Anaphylaxis (Texas Education Code § 38.0151)

SRISD Wellness Policy (Texas Education Code § 28.004(k))

SRISD Tobacco Policy (Texas Education Code § 28.004(k)(3)(C))

Required and Recommended Immunizations (Texas Education Code § 38.019)

Meningitis Information for Students and Parents (Texas Education Code § 38.0025(a))


Parents and Students

Dual Credit Partnership Agreement (Texas Education Code § 28.009 (b-2))

21st Century Community Learning Centers Grant

Dual Credit Reimbursement Requirements

Family Engagement Plan (19 Tex. Admin. Code § 102.1003(e))

Report Bullying (Texas Education Code § 37.0832(e))

Special Education Updates (Texas Education Code § 29.023 (a))

SRHS Course Guide

SRISD Graduation Plan

TEA Graduation Toolkit (Texas Education Code § 28.02121(b))

Testing Information for College Advanced Placement Tests (with Instructions for Home-Schooled Students) (Texas Education Code § 29.916(c))

Texas Transition and Employment Guide (Texas Education Code § 29.0112(e)(1))

Pathways – Texas Transition and Employment Guide (English)

Pathways – Texas Transition and Employment Guide (Spanish)



SRISD Employee Handbook (Texas Education Code § 21.204(d))