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Special Education

The following links provide numerous resources for parents of students with disabilities:


Child Find

Child Find is a legal requirement for schools to find children who have disabilities and need services. Identifying these kids is an important first step toward getting them the help they need to succeed in school.


Texas Transition Guide

The Texas Transition Guide provides information and resources for students with disabilities to successfully transition into adulthood.


Legal Framework 

This website provides parent resources for the child-centered special education process. You can also find board policies for Sam Rayburn ISD by searching our district name or by our county district number (074-917).


Statewide Texas Support Networks

This website provides links to numerousTexas networks that launched in 2019 and are available to help school districts, students, and parents. 


SPEDTEX – Special Education Information Center

SpedTex provides information and resources that can help parents understand your child’s disability, as well as your rights and responsibilities under Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).


Partners Resource Network

This non-profit agency provides parents with multiple resources so that you can effectively participate as an equal team member with professionals in planning services for your child.