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Scholarship Opportunities

2022 Sam Rayburn Faculty Scholarship- 

$500 to two 2022 graduates

North Fannin Alumni Association Scholarship

$500 to two 2022 graduates:

Ginny Baker Scholarship:

Phyllis Russell Scholarship-

Fannin County Farm Bureau Scholarship

Beta Scholarship:

Amanda Maupin

Speed Law

Patriot Scholarship

Dulaney Scholarship




David Norris Memorial Scholarship:

Mary Lou Kissinger Scholarship:

Casey Reed Scholarship:

Scottish Rite Scholarship:

Michael Wayne McGill Memorial Scholarship

Blood Center Scholarship

Vern Cooper Scholarship – Due April 23


TAMUC College Scholarship Opportunity- 

Fannin County students who plan to attend TAMUC in the fall. This opportunity will provide a student with $5,000 for up to 4 years. We would love Sam Rayburn students to have the opportunity to be considered before the deadline on March 15th. I’m happy to chat with you further should you or any students have any questions. My contact info is below.


This specific opportunity has the following criteria:

1) First generation, defined as the first in their immediate family to attend college, incoming high school graduate with financial need, 

2) High school GPA minimum of 3.0, graduating in the top 25% of their class, 

3) Full time student, 

4) First priority will be given to students from Delta, Fannin, Lamar and Red River counties, 

6) The fund will generate at least 1 new scholarship each academic year, with a minimum award amount of $5,000, divided equally between the fall and spring semesters. 

7) The scholarship is renewable, and the student can receive the scholarship for a maximum of four years, or until they receive their undergraduate degree, whichever comes first. Scholarship renewal will be based on submission of updated application, availability of funds, and student eligibility (full time student in good academic standing). 


The Texas A&M University-Commerce scholarship portal opened on October 1, 2021 and we encourage all admitted students to apply. Thanks to the generosity of many donors to A&M-Commerce over the years, there are a variety of scholarship opportunities that students may be eligible for (besides just Lyday-Fernandes), if they will simply complete and submit the general scholarship application. Scholarships range in size from hundreds to thousands of dollars!


Scholarships are available for students who meet a variety of different criteria including major/academic program of study, high school, chosen profession, and leadership experience to name a few. Admitted students should go to the scholarship portal within their myLEO account to apply.


To apply, admitted students should follow the directions (or link) below to apply in our Scholarship Portal:


  1. Go to (or find the “Donor-Funded Scholarships” app under the MyLeo dashboard home page).
  2. Sign in at the top of the page using MyLeo credentials.
  3. Complete the general scholarship application, and look through the scholarships that have individual applications. Please make sure to submit any required documents and answer the essay questions to maximize opportunities for funding.
  4. Scholarship committees will review applications, and students will receive an email stating if they have been selected and how to accept the award. They should check their TAMUC email regularly for this notification. 
  5. If awarded, students will be notified to login to their scholarship portal account, accept the award, complete a brief questionnaire, and submit a thank you letter to be shared with your donor.


If students have any questions, please contact (or me) and we will be happy to help. Go Lions!

Students and parents may join the google classroom in addition to using the district website for scholarship information.  


That google code is :  


Fannin Federal Credit Union


Dallas Scottish Rite Scholarship:


The Glaser Family Charitable Foundation Scholarship



Below is the link and information for the Dr. JoAnne Olivard Educational Foundation Scholarship Application.  Applications are available in a folder located on Mrs. Chambliss door or you may print the application from the website or Scholarship Google Classroom.

Dear Parents and Student

I am serving as a representative of the Military Sports Foundation (MSF). On behalf of our nonprofit organization, I would like to provide you with some information about scholarship opportunities. We have partnered with former NFL player LaTarence Dunbar-Bey, the NFL Alumni Association, LED 360 Sports, and Every Kid Sports. Together we are working to give away 50,000 scholarships by December 31st

These grants are for student-athletes between the ages of 4-18 and can be used to participate in LED 360 Sports events in your area or around the country. The league provides options for 62 different sports which include things like Football, Baseball, Softball, Pulse Band, Dance, and Cheer. Each scholarship is worth $150, which will cover 4 of the 62 different sports options, and includes the $10 scholarship application fee. There is no cost associated with this opportunity. 

In this program, students will be coached and mentored by former professional athletes. They will be taught leadership and teamwork skills, philanthropy, as well as be given a holistic approach to sports and training. The goal of this program is to give children a life-changing experience and help them grow. Leagues last for 4 weeks and participation should not interfere with the child’s other sports leagues or school activities. Applications MUST be completed by 31 December 2021 (no exceptions). Please follow the attached instructions STEP-BY-STEP to avoid errors that may lead to application denials.

Eligibility requires proof that the child is currently receiving Medicaid benefits, SNAP or WIC. Only recreation-level sports will be approved. Grant money will be given directly to parents for league payments and the application fee. When applying, please use the step-by-step instructions to answer any questions and avoid errors. Please note that some items need to be typed in exactly as shown in the instructions examples. To apply please (click here) or go to

If you have any questions, please contact the Military Sports Foundation at (202)-239-6404 or email Thank you for your time.


Please see the links below for more information.

The Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Foundation (TSCRF), the governing body of the Cattle Raisers Museum, is committed to assisting students further their education and developing new leaders in the industry. Scholarships are provided to encourage the brightest and best to dedicate their professional careers to this industry so important to our way of life.


The Fannin County Fair Board believes in supporting the youth of the county in their educational endeavors.

We are offering a $500.00 scholarship to a Fannin County High School Senior.  One scholarship per high school in Fannin County.

If interested, the student will need to go to the Fannin County Fair website at  and select 2021 FCF Scholarship tab for  more information, as well as the application.  Deadline to submit the application as well as supportive documentation is February 1, 2022.


Please direct your questions to the Fannin County Fair Board at

Grayson College Scholarship Opportunities 

The Grayson College Foundation AwardSpring scholarship application opened November 1, 2021 for the upcoming 2022/2023 academic year. The priority deadline to apply is March 30, 2022. If you do not plan to attend Grayson College, please do not complete the AwardSpring application. The application is only available for those who plan to attend Grayson College for the upcoming 2022/2023 academic year.

New to the application are Grayson College institutional scholarships. We have integrated institutional scholarship for Art, Music, Pep Band and Theatre into the AwardSpring system. 

The AwardSpring scholarship application is available on the Grayson College website under the Admissions and Aid tab; available through the following link -;  or available through the AwardSpring tab inside the student’s MyViking.

To request that a scholarship be added to this page, complete the following online form. This scholarship page is updated weekly, if you requested to have a scholarship please check back to see if it has been posted.



Ten Tips for Scholarship Applications

  1. Apply only if you are eligible - read ALL requirements and directions carefully.
  2. Complete application in full – if questions do not apply to you, then note that on application.
  3. Follow directions - be sure to supply ALL requested materials, including transcripts, recommendation letters, and essays.
  4. Neatness counts - type your application OR make sure your handwriting is neat and legible.
  5. Write an essay that makes a strong impression - be personal and specific.
  6. Watch for deadlines – extensions are rarely given.
  7. Make sure your application gets where it needs to go – allow enough time for it to get there.
  8. Give it a final review - proof read the entire application carefully. Look for misspelled words or grammatical errors. Ask a friend, teacher, or parent to proof read it as well.
  9. Ask for help if you need it - do not hesitate to contact the scholarship/funding organization or your counselor.
  10. Keep a back-up file - before sending in the application make a copy of the entire packet for your records and make a note of when you turned it in.


Another Scholarship Database

Dear students,

Scholarships and grants are helpful ways to fund your college education. They provide you with free money that can go towards tuition or other educational expenses.

To find and apply for scholarships, sign up for Going Merry ( -- it’s free! Going Merry has thousands of national, regional, and local scholarships. There are also opportunities for every grade level, from freshmen to seniors. 

To sign up, go to:

You can also download the Going Merry mobile app (and sign up that way) on iOS or Android

Here are some reasons why I recommend Going Merry above other scholarship sites: 

  • Scholarship bundles: You can apply to multiple scholarships using one application and the same essay prompt.

  • Vetted scholarships: The Going Merry team periodically reviews every scholarship listing, to ensure the scholarship program is still active and the information is correct.

  • Personal matching: Once signed up, you’ll answer a few questions to fill out a basic profile, and then get matched to scholarships that fit your background, academics, interests, etc. 

  • Clear organization: You can shortlist favorites and get deadline reminders about them. All drafts and applications are saved, and you’ll get updates on the scholarships you’ve applied to. 

  • Direct, auto-filled applications: You can apply to many scholarships directly on the site (with forms helpfully pre-filled). 

  • Financial aid applications: Seniors can also submit the FAFSA® through Going Merry, using their more user-friendly version of the government form, which they call “the FAFSA® Made Easier.”

Happy applying--and good luck winning, like these students did!)


Kind regards,

Kristi Chambliss