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Dual Credit

Sam Rayburn Independent School District (SRISD) students may be eligible to earn college credit while they are still in high school by enrolling in dual credit courses and successfully completing the courses. Sam Rayburn ISD and Grayson College (GC) work together to provide students with the opportunity to participate in dual credit courses.

Dual Credit students take college-level courses taught by fully credentialed Grayson College faculty. These courses satisfy high school graduation requirements and provide college credit at the same time.

Sam Rayburn ISD will award high school academic credit for approved courses. Grayson College will award college-level academic credit.

For additional information regarding dual credit, contact your high school Counselor.                                                                                                         

High School Students: To be eligible for Dual Credit or Early College High School enrollment, high school students must:

  1. Start the process by visiting with your high school counselor to discuss eligibility and class schedule. Once your high school approves, follow these steps:

  2. Apply for admissions. Here's a video with instructions. 

  3. Turn in completed and signed Enrollment Permission Form to your high school counselor.
  4. Provide bacterial meningitis vaccination documentation (if courses will be taken on college campus).
  5. Take the TSI assessment or provide proof of exemption (View score requirements). Your high school will advise you as to your testing requirements.
  6. Students MUST check their emails for Grayson correspondence of important due dates and instructions for checking your schedule, payment options, etc.  
  7. Pay tuition before deadline! 

Additional information about Grayson College Dual Credit may be found at:


Dual Credit/OnRamps Reimbursements are available to students who meet the following criteria

Dual Credit Tuition Reimbursement Requirements:

Sam Rayburn ISD will reimburse each Dual Credit student’s tuition fees if they meet the following criteria:

Receive A/B in their dual credit course (this is the grade before SRISD adds the extra points)

The school will not pay any tuition if the grade is below a B.

If you receive a C and/or drop you will be placed on probation for 1 semester and you will not be reimbursed for that class.  After 2 C’s or 2 dropped courses you will no longer be eligible to take dual credit courses.

*You must have a 97% or better attendance.

*A student cannot have served more than 2 days in ISS their entire High School career.

A student will be reimbursed for the 1st (first) 12 hours of college credit.

All courses must be approved by the Principal and Counselor!!

A detailed expenditure sheet needs to be turned into Mrs. Chambliss.

Only tuition is covered by the school.

If the Dual Credit student meets all of the criteria they will be reimbursed once all materials have been turned into Mrs. Chambliss.  Once the criterion is checked and the student has cleared the above stated criteria they will be given a reimbursement check.  Everything needs to be turned into Mrs. Chambliss.   She will then forward the information to the billing department.  

**No Dual Credit classes will be reimbursed that are taken in the summer. Dual Credit classes take the place of high school classes offered during the school year.  There will be one class period devoted to dual credit students with a teacher present.  All other college assignments/classes that you sign up for will be required to be completed outside of school if that period does not work in your schedule. Attendance will be taken each day. During down times of your Dual Credit classes you will be required to work by the teacher in charge. The Dual Credit Class will be treated like a class and follow the school's schedule. The teacher is there to help you, but will not complete your assignments for you. This is a class that will help prepare you for college classes. It is your responsibility, but we feel by providing a teacher we can help your transition from high school to college be more realistic.


The Reimbursement form can be found here: